Project Description

Ted wanted a website building as an extension of his portfolio as an actor and a musician. The goal was to showcase Ted’s ability and to make getting in contact with him as easy as possible.

We achieved this by using his showcase video as the first thing you see when you get onto his site. We wanted whoever was visiting his site to be able to see Ted’s ability right from the start. We also added all of the important information that would be need if someone was looking to hire Ted in a film. We included his bio, his headshots and the films he has starred in.

Towards the bottom of the site, we have included all of his music that he has released and another version of the showreel as the main header one has no sound.

Towards the bottom we added a contact form asking for limited information to prevent people from wanted to fill out the form.

The main focus was on the home page but we did create other pages, a photos page, that contained all the behind the scenes photos with Ted on set and a credits page with the full filmography.

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